Molasses for Hookah Tobacco


Molasse for Hookah Tobacco is a liquid consistency which is suitable for keeping it moist. This is fundamental for various raw materials. It is needed for tobacco as well as steam stones. It is a honeymolasse made with flavors and glycerine.

How is it used in a raw tobacco? When raw Tobacco is to be made into Hookah tobacco. With a quantity of 100 grams of dry raw tobacco it takes about 500 ml. It needs at least a week to capture the liquid.

Molasses for steam stones: Although steam stones need a flavored liquid in which they can be placed. So that the stones are smoke-free at all. With the amount of 100 grams of stones 250ml are needed at least. This should take at least 24 hours before use.

Is there Shisha Molasse Neutral? At Arabesko there is also neutral, this can be obtained in the online shop. This is in various amounts content. The quantity can be obtained from 100ml, 1000ml as well as up to 25 liters.

There are two types of ice molasses that are so popular. The one gives off a cool without you on the smell as well as the taste has an effect. In the other case, it has an effect on taste and smell.

Double Apple, Erotic Love, Lemon Molasse and more you will find here.

The Molasses for Hookah Tobacco.

The molasses for hookah tobacco (Shisha Molasse mixing ratio):

The mixing ratio is completely individual. The ratios are based on what you want to use or use of raw material. Whether it is raw tobacco or mineralized rock, which is suitable for use. So then there is the amount of the liquid also crucial.

The Arabesko Molasse is the most advantageous to recommend. She is the best at the time, on the german hookah market. Whether for steam stones or raw tobacco.

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